We are creating a virtual reality public speaking training platform.

The fear of public speaking is all too common and causes people to get anxious to the point where it paralyzes them, making it so they cannot communicate their ideas and stories properly.

Our platform simulates different real-life public speaking scenarios with dynamic and interactive components. Using our proprietary technologies, we could get different inputs from the user and change the environment accordingly. This will help different people practice public speaking, while tracking their progress, and assist them in becoming better at it.


Immersive Video

All of our environments feature real-life videos and 3D scenes that you can walk around to feel truly immersed.

3D Audio

When you move, the audio changes accordingly, just like in real life!

Speech Analysis

We have partnered with public speaking coaches and therapists to develop the best algorithms that would give you professional feedback on your speech.


Share your experiences and speech analysis results with your friends, peers, employer or coach!


Pair it with a smartwatch (we support many of them!) to monitor your physiological activity when you speak.

Training Videos

Need some advice? Watch our exclusive public speaking training videos!

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